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One day I will just wake up and book a connecting flight from Bangkok to Paro, Bhutan. In subsequent days, I will be booking a tour in one of the Bhutanese tourist companies where I will carefully plan my trip with a personal tour guide. I will sigh from time to time because of a hefty $200 daily tariff that I need to pay during my visit. Then I will shrug it because a) that’s all inclusive (food, accommodation, everything) b) I’m finally travelling to the happiest place on Earth!

Visiting Bhutan from T+L

“To Western tourists who breeze through on tours, all this seems exotic and romantic. Fortunately, the Bhutanese, besides being good-natured and good-looking, are charmingly eccentric—a trait that saves their country from preciousness. Consider this: though they’re devout Buddhists who hold all life sacred and don’t kill animals, the Bhutanese happily eat meat—and carve up and cook any animal that’s already dead. In almost every house, we saw gristly strips of yak meat hanging to dry (a sight that almost turned me into a vegetarian).

Or this: there are only a few dozen personal names in all of Bhutan, and they are used for both men and women as first or last names, in any combination.

And then there’s the matter of the penises. Painted in full color—and in full, um, bloom—on the façades of houses, or carved of wood and dangling from eaves, they are considered good luck, all because of one of Bhutan’s most beloved figures, the Divine Madman, a libertine monk who, according to one version of the legend, vanquished a terrifying female demon by dragging her clear across the country with his you-know-what.”


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