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I realized the only remaining hope for snail mail to exist is a postcard. It’s fulfillment is only upon the travelers. Its the most obvious thing.

Postcard 1

I don’t think there’s anything digital that will replace both charm and convenience of picking up a printed photograph, scribbling a quick message, pasting a stamp and dropping in a mailbox .

There’s also nothing like holding a postcard stamped by a post office in Athens and perhaps dog-eared on the edge on its way from Beijing.

Postcard 2


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July 26, 2012 at 10:45 pm

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In the morning sometimes I immediately make my bed but I mostly wait for half an hour or longer before I do. There’s something about unmade bed in the morning that’s both wrinkled with last night’s memories and unsettled with today’s promise.

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July 23, 2012 at 10:40 pm

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I don’t think there’s one aspect in one’s life where minimalism is not the better option. I myself am trying to practice it in a few: choice of products (design and their packaging), fashion and home design.

I don’t have a house of my own yet. (That I hope to start working on after I get me a car.) But I try my best to be minimalist in my own little apartment in Manila.

I think anyone who’s starting on the minimalist lifestyle should begin with his home. You see it every day. It’s a consistent , fabulous reminder that less is more.

I’m currently in Foster City, CA for work. I live in an apartment with a huge window. (Sunlight is a huge factor in making a place look its best. And it makes photos look great!) Although I know this is not my own place and I’m not going to stay here that long, I still decided to doll it up a little bit.

Here’s my home corner office project:

I was using the dining table for a couple months that I’m here but I got tired moving my stuff around when we’re using the dining table for what it’s really used for, dining. So I grabbed this nice white table from the unused master bedroom.

The cast: Macbook, a book, which I have not opened for weeks, a Lonely Planet journal, a pine cone, reed scent diffuser, makeshift flower vase (that’s actually a drinking glass!), and what seemed like the star: my longboard.

One thing I really like about minimalist design is you can completely abuse two to three color tones in a set of whatever you want and then put one thing in extreme contrast and it’s guaranteed to work. There’s little thought and planning involved. Like in this case, it’s kind of saturated with white, black, browns. Then the skateboard. It stands out with it’s gorgeous green tones from any angle. And it complements everything else.

I got this pine cone when I was longboarding one night in the park. It almost looked this nice and “bloomed” already when I picked it up from the ground. When I reached home, I ran water on it thinking I should clean it a little bit in case there are insects or dirt stuck inside. A few minutes later, it was closing up. I googled. Apparently, when wet these pine cones really contract and when dried up will bloom again. And it did.

I need to finish this book already.

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April 8, 2012 at 4:06 pm