Bursting at the seams

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It did feel like a long time ago since The Dark Knight came out. A quick IMDB search gives the exact time lapsed. 4 years. The Dark Knight, with Heath Ledger as The Joker, was released in 2008.

The Dark Knight Rises, as we know, is overshadowed by the horrific massacre in one of the midnight screenings of the movie in Colorado last Friday. At Theater 9 in Century 16 in Aurora, Colorado, a gunman sprayed bullets aimlessly on moviegoers a few minutes after the opening scenes.

When I was in Cinema 5 of Century in San Mateo this afternoon, while casually watching the advertisements before the trailers start, I tried to imagine what it would’ve been for those people to be sitting there all hyped up and excited for what adventure’s in store, all kinds of defenses ramped down, and see and hear a man randomly shooting at them. How could’ve they tried to duck behind the seats as quickly as they can? How dads and moms threw popcorn bags and grabbed their children and covered them? How some perhaps attempted to escape and get out but were actually shot? The horror must be unimaginable.

I didn’t intend to think about this thing in the cinema as I know it will dampen my experience of the movie. But it was instinctive. I don’t know how one cannot think and feel odd inside a movie house at the aftermath of that massacre. Only when I was able to shake that odd feeling off was I ready to enjoy what’s right before my eyes.

And boy was it a treat. An immensely satisfying treat.

Christopher Nolan would’ve to be one of my favorite directors. See, I’m not a Batman fan. I’m not a superhero of any kind fan. I mean, I probably like some of them but I don’t completely know their stories and so I don’t have any knowledge to base my becoming a fan of one or not. The latest Batman trilogy may have made me a Batman fan. Chris Nolan’s take on the franchise is not so much a movie about Batman the superhero as it is a movie about murder, corruption, lawlessness, anarchy and other social ills. And he’s told it darkly, eloquently.

Ironically, the very tragedy in Colorado is a subject matter in the movie. In one of the fight scenes, Batman told Catwoman to not use guns. To which Catwoman said, “Where’s the fun in that?” In the scene close to the end where she ended up saving Batman from Bane using a gun she remarked to the effect of, “Look a gun saved your ass!”

The Dark Knight Rises reached deeply and tried to tackle as much back stories as it can while on its way to saving Gotham. I don’t think Nolan taking time to study these characters made the movie lose its focus. The last part of the trilogy did not just rely on Batman. We know he will at the end of the day save the world and that’s the destination but the journey need not be completely about him too. That’s what it made it brilliant. The movie was able to link all these many other characters to the conclusive character, who is still Batman.

Seeing these kinds of movies is worth every centavo you spend. You feel like you really got what you paid for. The Dark Knight Rises is the movie equivalent of an all-you-eat lunch buffet. It’s so satisfying you’ll burst at the seams.


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July 22, 2012 at 10:38 pm

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