Sunrise, roads, blood

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Today I had the whole day all to myself. I woke up before 6AM to take my roommate to the airport. I will not sleep anymore later when I go home, I told him on the way. I went back home, reveled at the sight of the rising orange sun. I was on my way to the bathroom to shower but my foot took me to the bed and off I dreamt of lovely things happening.

I awoke an hour or so later. I showered, donned a new pair of board shorts and walked to a restaurant for a sumptuous (oily) breakfast. I don’t know why I keep ordering pancakes. I never finish them. I walked back home. Sun was bursting. It must be approaching 90 degrees, I said to myself. I noticed in the horizon streams of jet smoke with indistinct patterns. Someone decided it’s a good day to drive an aircraft and play. It was.

Then I took the car, loaded a bit up on gas and aimed at the Pacific Ocean. I drove for miles and miles of lovely seascapes and landscapes along the coast. I stopped to ogle at the majesty numerous times.

I thought of the Philippines, how equally beautiful its coasts and mountains are. I thought of solo travel, how that’s the only real way to travel and explore. I thought about the speed limit, how no one follows it. I thought about the seagulls, how they’re so many and noisy when they hover past above you. I thought about the seal resting on the rocks on the shore, how they stare adorably at us humans.

I thought about writing, how I’ve missed drawing blood.


Written by markus

June 16, 2012 at 9:38 pm

Posted in Travel

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