A little Kindle review from the Kindle itself

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So this is me raving about my new Kindle, a Kindle Touch.

In four words: I am a fan.

  1. It is so lightweight. Suddenly my old Kindle felt like a 2000-page book.
  2. It fits in my backpocket! That just means I need to be extra cautious before sitting down.
  3. It is very easy now to look up a word. Long press on the word and voila! Aside from definition showing up as a dialog box, you can also add a note, just highlight or share.
  4. The touchscreen. I am quite late to jump into the touch bandwagon. This is my first touchscreenn device and I am so hooked! It just feels so natural and intuitive to tap, flip, pinch when you want it to do something. I love the onscreen keyboard I keep on adding notes to my highlights.
  5. I thought the experimental browser performs much better than the previous version.
  6. Needless to say it looks pretty.

That is all for now. More raving to come soon. Yes I am posting this from the always-experimental browser.


Written by markus

April 16, 2012 at 2:23 am

Posted in Books

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